Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Aletheia commenting

Aletheia blog commenting

Hello everyone I am back with a new Blogpost and it is a blog comment from aletheia. I will be replying her feel free to leave a comment.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Assembly School

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Hello everyone me and my class went to assembly today and we have been celebrating
the maori language week. We all sang songs and played games, me and my friends were singing all the songs. My class knew all the songs we were really loud.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Practicing drawing

Hi everyone this is me practicing my drawing for my group because we are going to be presenting our billboard to everyone that is going to visit on week 10 on our hobbies day. When I blog this down stay toon for when I blog it

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Playing cards

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Me and my friends were playing cards, we played lots of different kind of games. lets see if you all can list different kinds of card games down in the comments


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So we had no kiwisport this monday because we had the motat trip. Here are some photos.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Maths - Speed skills

Hi everyone I have been playing speed skills with my friends and I beat my high score 22. On level 3 multiplycation.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Hobbies questions

Hi everyone me and my friends have been working on our hobbies about drawing and here are some questions you could answer down below.

Ancestral poem

Hello everyone I have been working on my ancestral poem and I have just wrote what my mind could come up with. I hope you enjoy reading

drawing with my friends

Hello everyone me and my friends have been drawing pictures to put on our billboard for the present your hobbies day. We have been working very hard and we've done lots of amazing drawings, here are some of the pictures.

Playing cards

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While it was morning tea me and my friends was planning to play something but it was raining so we played cards. Me and my friends no lots of card games like last card, speed, snap and many more. I won the first three rounds my friend aletheia was furious so we had the fourth round and she beat me. We had so much fun then the bell rang and we had to stop. So now we know whenever it rains we can play cards.

Walt: blog interesting and necessary things on our blog
Success criteria
-  Make sure my writing makes sense
Make sure my picture fits proprably

Monday, 4 September 2017

Kiwisport - Hip Hop

WALT: Reflect on what we learnt and did at kiwisport.
Success criteria: 
- my punctuation will be up to year 7 standard
- I will make sure to make my text make sense
- Choose a appropriate background and color of text
so the reader can see properly

Friday, 25 August 2017

cinquain 5


Hi every I have been working on my maths with my friends monita. What I found challenging about this was trying to come up with the most strategies that I could.
Walt - find the most strategies we can come up with


Hi everyone me and my friends have been learning about this text on hobbies I hope you can learn something from this. I really love doing work with my friends because they can always help me with my work.

walt - write about the things that we read.
success criteria
- I can write things that are yr7 standard
- I can listen to my friends opinion and write it in my own words.

Blog comments

Blog comments Walt: comment what we think about the video.
Hi everyone me and my class watched a video and we have to comment our opinion on
Please tell me what you think.


Sunday, 20 August 2017

cinquain 1

Hello everyone I have been working on poems call cinquains I will be making more throughout the week. 
Comment on what you think the best one is please.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017


So me and my friend monita was doing maths together and this one was kind of easy because got us to learn all of our times tables. Can you please check if it's right. WALT: solve different kind of multiplycation problems.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Pac n save

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So on thursday we went to pac n save with papers that we had to do, it was kind of like an activity that we had to do. We had to monitor all the products and cereals in the  supermarket.
What I found challenging was trying to keep up with the teacher.

Hip hop

Image result for hip hop silhouette   On monday we reflected on what hip hop meant and all the hip hop elements. We all had to stand up and warm up and dance. It's kind of like zumba when someone dances on the stage and we copy theme.
What I found challenging was trying to keep up with the coach

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

food for thought

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Son on wednesday we were getting ready to go to pac n save and monitor all the food. We were comparing on how it was back in the days and now.
What I found challenging was worrying about tomorrow.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Digital map

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So for cybersmart me and  my class have been working on a digital map when you had to make your own island and put on your history and put the picture on the map and trace the times your did it on.
What I found challenging was trying to find a good island to fit all my history

Walt: put a digital map of our history

Friday, 4 August 2017


Now I am here with another piece of maths with my friends I had so much fun doing these kind of things with my friends, I had so much fun. WALT Find and create different kinds of multiplycation facts


So for maths me and my friends worked on some things together and we did some of that maths when I did the same thing as this. What I found challenging about this was trying to listen to everyone's opinion.
WALT to create and find different kinds of ways for multiplication problems

Thursday, 3 August 2017


At room 3 we had to work on our buddies with something called a tivaevae, we managed to design our own online version with our buddie called jorjah. She doesn't think the same as me and my friend alone. But that what I found challenging about what we did    


So today miss komor told us we had to do some blog posts today and I was working on my maths multiplication facts and how many ways I could do it. I only did 2 but there is lots more then that, So I guess I will do them later. What I found challenging was trying to solve the different kinds of ways I could make. But luckily I came up with some

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

While mum was gone

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So our mum went to our church, it was just across the street. She told us while she's gone never answer the door, never answer the phone no matter who it is. So we cleaned up while she was gone and we made breakfast, it was only me and my brother. Then suddenly someone knocked on the door, me and my brother just stayed quiet, so he or she kept knocking, then it was my mum, she was testing us if we would listen to her or not

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Playing board games together

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So we were all talking together about things we needed to do and things that we should do. Then bryan our little baby brothers teacher told us we could come over and look at some of our board games, and we could choose some to take home. So we chose some and we went home and played together

Monday, 24 July 2017

Reading books together

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So I took a little nap one afternoon then when I woke up I saw my dad and mum were talking and laughing together, I couldn't bare getting up so I just lied down closing my eyes, My brother woke up too, because he was sleeping too. So we gathered some books together and read all of them. We read some chapter books together and we told each other about the chapter we read. We each gave feedback and feedforward

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

With my sister!!!

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So our sister told us if we could go to her room and have some fun with her. So we went there and had some fun together just like we did before. She said we should do this every friday. Because thats the time we all don't have school.

Waking up not even knowing

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So I woke up the lounge had no one, it was all blank. Then I saw my sister walking and saying that shes tired. Then I told her that she should just go sleep then, then she just said nothing and kept walking. So my brother said that mum left some chips next to me. while I was sleeping. Then after that she went and picked up our dad.

little rest alone

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So I slept then woke up again I was tired, I could barely see anything so I just went back to sleep and Cuddled up in the blankets. I heard my mum trying to wake me, she was trying to tell me that shes going to pick up my brother and my sister. But I could barely hear her voice


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So we were all doing the laundry my brother was folding it upstairs, My mum told me to go get something for her, and I forgot because I was playing with my brother, we were both wrestling on the bed. While I was trying to remember I asked my mum what was it again, then she said that if you can't remember you have to go sleep. I couldn't remember so I just went and slept

Helping mum with laundry

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So we were all done with cleaning house and all those times our mum was organizing the laundry she told us that we were going to have to fold it. And even on the time we were just relaxing, she told us to do more work with her.

Our little brother back in school

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So when we finished doing work our mum came back and she showerd our baby brother and then we dropped of our brother at his school. We all said good bye to him and he looked so happy to be there. So after that we buyed some groceries then went home.

Work again!!!

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So after that my other brothers woke up and we all cleaned up the backyard and inside while our mum went and cleaned up and went to have an interview, while we stayed with our big sister. So we kept on cleaning up until our mum came back. Then our mum came and our sister went to school

Mums back!!

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So when she came back my little brother was still sleeping and I was just watching tv, So we ate breakfast and I told her everything. After that I told her that mataele was just crying and she laughed and told him there's nothing to be scared of.

Helping him out

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So I went down and told him if he wanted to watch tv with me and wait for mum, while she drops of dad at the train station for his work. So we kept on watching tv, until we heard mum unlock the door, and it was our mum. 

Loud noises

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So I was sleeping, just relaxing until I heard a loud noise come from my mum and dads room. My sister was still sleeping. But I woke up and went to check on him, And he was shouting out mum!!!. I felt really sad for him because I can understand how scared hes feeling.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The long phone call

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So after we went to the supermarket, we were about to go home until my mum stopped in a parking and answered her phone. I thought she was only going to take like 30 - 50 seconds. But she took like 30 minutes, while we were all board to death!!!.

Picking up our sister.

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So after that we went in the van and picked up our big sister. She was waiting for us in the train. She goes to school in Manukau. She works as a chef. So after we picked her up we went to the shop and the supermarket to buy some things. We were going home until, one very boring thing happened.

Some time to myself

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So when we cleaned up the house, my brothers went outside while I had a little me time to myself, and there were no problems to solve, all of my problems just drifted away and all that was in my mind was relaxation

Chores chores chores!!!!

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So after I ate me and my brothers cleaned the house again while my mum was outside doing the laundry, I mostly do the chores by myself, but it's nice for my brothers to help me do it together, and even my little baby brother was helping too.


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So our big sisters is finally back in school, and we can have more times to ourselves, and we don't need someone being our boss. We are really excited to have some brother time together.