Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Explanation writing

Hello everyone I have been studying and writing about how night and day works. and I was writing it in paragraphs. I had some help because I had an explanation craft to write my paragraphs about different subjects.

and I also used something called the s.e.e structure. 
S  - Statement 
E - Explanation
E - Example
E - Effect 
The See structure helped us write our explanation text and helped put all the ideas in sequence and order.
I found writing the paragraphs really challenging and having 3 different ideas relating to night and day.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Inquiry - Phases of the Moon

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Hello everyone I was learning about the moon and it was inquiry. We were all learning about the different phases of the moon.

There are 8 different phases of the moon

  • New Moon
  • First crescent Moon
  • First quarter Moon
  • Waning Gibbous Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon 
  • Last quarter Moon 
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Monday, 30 April 2018

Practicing Descriptive Language - Writing

Rendered ImageHello everyone I have been working with my class and we have been working on writing. My whole class had to split into two group's and work in two classes. My class was learning about descriptive writing and figurative language.
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I heard the clitter clatter of steps as people walk by like an echo
of someone tapping in a cave.
I heard whispers of people sounding like a river of quiet voices.
I heard the sound of the lightning hitting the ocean as the chairs
bump into each other loudly.
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I heard the sound of blowing wind as the people swish through
the soft benches
When I walk out I can see a hurricane blowing down Ideas.
When I walk out and i'm tired I can see a blue mountain as I look up at the blue carpet that I have to walk up.

My first blog reflection for Term 2 - April the 30th 2018

Rendered ImageHello everyone I am back in school again it just feels like butterflies in my stomach and lots of different things are going in my brain things like, Worries, excitement and many other feelings that I can't explain. It feels like a wind swirling in my brain.Image result for wind swirling

I did a lot of great things with my family. I went with them to the Orakei park and played there with a lot of children. It was like a herd of wild animals running around. I saw my friend Lydia there. We also watched the movie Rampage and it blew me away. It was very awesome. I think you guys would also like that movie. I also really love the movie Avenger : Infinity War. it was a really good movie. But I didn't really like the ending because they all just died, and I thought that was really boring.

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I am really looking forward to camp and I can't wait to go. I've never been to raglan, that's why i'm very excited to go and see what it's like there. I'm also really excited for the sports tournaments to start because I really want to join soccer. I really want to play oriantering again because it's a very interesting sport.

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Sunday, 29 April 2018


Remember the S.L.A.M. prompts

  • How are the line breaks structured?
  • How are the stanzas organised?
  • Is there punctuation? What does it look like?
  • How does the structure affect the meaning of the poem?
  • Is there figurative language present? (simile, metaphor, alliteration,, onomatopoeia, )
  • Are there sound devices present? (rhythm, rhyme, repetition)
  • Is there sensory language in the poem?
  • Mood - How does the poem make you feel? What emotions are evoked because of the language
  • being used?
  • Tone - How does the author feel or want you to feel when you read the
  • poem?
  • What is the subject of the poem? (What is the poem mainly about?)
  • Is there symbolism? What is the deeper meaning of the symbols used in the poem?
  • What is the central message or theme of the poem?
  • Why is the t i t l e important and how does it set the context of the poem?

What is the title of your poem? Make it catchy

Stanza 1

Introduce the topic of your poem through descriptive vocabulary and language

tanza 2

Use figurative language to creatively describe the topic of your poem

Final Stanza

What message are you wanting the reader to understand?

It was a wet and cloudy day, it was like a light switching on and off, but I could hear the pool calling my name, The sun was hiding from us like it didn't even want to rise up. The rain wanted to go all out like it was angry. The day was a refrigerator.

The peoples shouting were like a broken down car, The people in the pool were like rough lions, I had a lot of fun with the people I was playing with. We played around with the ball like cats play around with a light.

I heard a lot of sounds at the swimming pool like, splash when all of the people were splashing each other and bombing in the pool, hahahaha, the sound of people laughing and playing with each other. Swoosh, the sound of people running through to the pool.
The panmure pools are a really helpful place to go to when you are hot or looking for fun.

My favourite place in Panmure

My favourite place in panmure is the Fish’n Chips shop

Hello everyone me and my friend Briana are writing about our
favourite place in panmure and reasons why we like it.

The menu at the fish ‘n chips menu is a good thing because it
is cheap, and it almost feels like a dream it’s food is delicious with
added salt in. The menu man has an free easter egg that’s been
given for free. The menu there is really cheap and that also the
kebab there is yum.

The man at the fish n chips shop is really nice and I really like how
he always serves our fish and chips with a smile.. I know that you
people don’t want someone serving you with a frown it feels like
zombie serving fish n chips. and you want them to serve you with a
happy and growth mindset.  

Closed down
Now the fish n chips shop is closed down and not available.
It really feels like the end of the world. We are not sure what
their gonna turn it into but i'm sure it’s gonna be a really good place.

So that wraps it up for today and I hope you enjoyed this
very much.If you live in panmure then you know the fish n chips shop,
me and brianna love this place but we are really said that it closed down.

Blog commenting

Hello everyone I have been blog commenting again and I have blog commented on Angels blog I commented on how I really liked her dramatic title and how I can really see the text and her background is perfect for people reading her post.

I think it's really important to do this so people that can't see very well can see properly.

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