Friday, 5 January 2018

The post wars

In the mid 19th centuries people use to post letters to each other instead of talking on the phone to each other they just use to post letters and sent it to wherever they wanted it to go. Down below is my letter, describing how my week went and thanking you all for viewing my blog.
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Tuesday, 26 December 2017

W2 - St Joseph's Cathedral

St joseph Cathedral, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, well maybe in my opinion, this place looks very beautiful and it looks really big, the location of this place was in 43 Wyndham St, Auckland, 1010
They started the construction of this place on 1894 then they finished on 1902 that's what I read online while I was researching. 

Friday, 22 December 2017

W1# Setting sail

My letter about setting sail

Now If I was these people going from their homeland to another land that most of them don't even know about. I would feel really scared and nervous but still excited at the same time. I would feel really tired when we all get there because we need to paddle and got through the ocean thousands of miles. 

Monday, 18 December 2017

W1# Arriving in new zealand

WALT: I am learning to write three facts I have learned about Maui and other stories I have heard about him

Hello everyone this is my first blog to participate in the summer learning journey and I will be blogging about the most famous man in maori mythology Maui - Now this story that I have just read right here is about Maui being underestimated by his other big brothers and him showing his talents to all of them. Now what I have found challenging about this was the fact that I haven't heard or read that much about Maui.

3 Facts I have learnt about Maui 

Now Maui sounds like a really strong, independent and noble man he is really strong and he is really known for being capable of beating his big brothers at mostly everything. Now here come the facts.

  1.   I learnt that Maui is a really strong man and he can do mostly anything 
  2.   Secondly I learnt that he is one of the most famous men in mythology
  3.   And last one is that he is actually interesting

Friday, 1 December 2017

Wonder movie reflection

Related imageWonder Reflection Movie
Hello everyone room 9 my class and room 10 ( kiamanuanui ) went to the movies and we had a lot of fun. We are also supposed to make a diagram about whats the same and whats different.
What you enjoyed about this trip
Kensington - What I enjoyed at the movie was the fact that we got to take our own food with us in one bag, and I really liked it that we got to choose our own group's to go with.
Alone - What I enjoyed at the movie because at  was sad because everyone was mock him he’s face I was going to cry. And I like the end because everyone like him I was so happy.  

Your favourite part in the movie
Kensington - My favourite part in the movie was when Via said her speech inside the play it’s very great that Miranda gave her the part

Alone- My favourite part in the movie was the end because everyone like him.

What are the key things you could learn from this movie
Kenzington - I think the key things you can learn in this movie are that it does’nt matter if you look good on the outside but you have to be beautiful on inside and the outiside

Alone-I think the key things you can learn in this movie at is very sad because everyone was going to cry

Thursday, 30 November 2017


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Here are the ingredients

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Hello everyone me and my class have been doing technology and this week we didn't do cooking because our normal cooking teacher, Miss Tuipulotu wasn't here today because she was at a funeral because her sister died.

But it was still fun today because we had a teacher named Miss heka and she had work for us to do. We had to write and answer questions on here and we had to do lots of different activities like word finds.